What Would Darwin Do?

Swissinfo.ch reports that Saturday a mentally handicapped man was mauled by a bear after jumping the enclosure fence at Bären Park, a Swiss zoo. Finn, the 4-year-old European Brown Bear, inflicted non-fatal wounds to the head and leg of the 25-year-old man. He climbed over an area of the wall that was 13 foot tall from the inside but was just about 4 foot tall and blocked by a stair rail from the viewing area. Police arrived 5 min later and shot the bear trying to save the man. Finn retreated back to a cave and the intruder was removed from the enclosure. 

After the incident Finn was examined by vets and it was decided that since the bullet shattered in his body, it was best to leave the fragments. Finn is doing better and is being treated with high-dose antibiotics, analgesics and cardiovascular drugs. Although Finn is avoiding movement he is alert and eating. Bären Park says they will be able to better assess his chances of survival in the coming days.

I think its sad that in situations like this its really the animals that suffers. When you intrude on a wild animals territory what do you think is going to happen? I dont know what part of hanging out with carnivores that are bigger, stronger, and faster that you; seems like a good idea. You pretty much would have to be retarded to hop in a pit with bears… Ironically in this case….

If Darwin were alive today I think he would shed a tear…


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